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By: MD | Date posted: December 07, 2012 (6:00 am) | Write a Comment (1 Comment)

Another week is gone. Friday is here. This means it’s time to pump out the top links from the past week. Let’s go!

1. After All, You Eat With Your Eyes Too. @ Budgets Are Sexy.

2. Student loan update @ Vanessa’s Money.

3. What Happens When You Don’t Win Millions of Dollars in The Lottery? @ SFN.

4. Giveaway; $800 in savings in less than 800 words @ Free at 33.

5. 5 Reasons I’m Buying Less For My Kids This Christmas @ Modest Money.

6. Would You Buy A House Someone Died In? @ Financial Samurai.

7. Whether We Win the Lottery or Not @ BITFS.

8. What You Don’t Know About Scottrade @ Young Finances.

9. Emotive, Manipulative Phrases In The Tax Debate You Need To Stop Using Right Now @ AAA.

10. The Permanent Portfolio: A Fail-Safe Investing Method? @ More Than Money.

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