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Green Panda; What is Cool Around The Web

By: Mike | Date posted: August 06, 2010 (5:57 am) | Write a Comment (1 Comment)

1. Green Panda Treehouse guest posts on Free from Broke with an article titled: A Plan for Beginning Investors.
2. So you have decided to be a CFP just like The Financial Blogger. Should you start as a salaried employee or on commission? Read on to find out more.
3. Money Under 30 writes about Freelance Work: Why You Should Be Freelancing Now and the Secret to Getting Started. Frankly, I don’t see the reason why you SHOULDN’T be freelancing. Who doesn’t want to be his own boss, right?
4. This is pretty interesting. Len Penzo conducts the 2nd Annual Brown Bag Survey: The 10 Most Economical Sandwiches. I’m only glad to see that my favorite tuna sandwich made it on the list.
5. We all have goals we want to accomplish, and most of the time, it’s actually just DOING IT that is required before we reach those goals. Here are 5 Tips on How to Accomplish a Financial Goal from Money Help for Christians.
6. College isn’t college without parties, dates and tons of other fun stuff. But most would require having cash on hand, or for the lucky ones, having a credit card handy. But do you really need a credit card while in college? Studenomics presents The Pros and Cons of Getting a Credit Card in College.
7. Financial Samurai posts about The Four Different Ways to Spend by Milton Friedman. I didn’t know there were “ways” of spending. And I found this post really interesting, and it certainly made me see “spending” in a different light.
8. Christian PF Blog reaches out to those who are in need. So if you are buried deep in debt, or for any Financial Crisis? Start Here!
9. Money Smart Life presents 8 Fabulous Money Innovations. A list of wonderful and useful money inventions in this wonderful world of technology.
10. Are you a writer? Are you working freelance? Well, here’s a nice list of five of the best websites for freelance writers.
11. One job is sometimes not enough for some of us. And it is quite common nowadays for people to have a side job. Here’s a guide onHow to Find and Manage a Second Job from Money Crashers.
12. The Oblivious Investor talks about Guaranteed Annuity Income: Is it Really Safe? I’m sure this is something a lot of us would life to find out more about.
13. I love Free Money, as long as there are no strings attached. Is there such a thing though? Brad Chaffee tells us why he hates free money in the Enemy of Debt Blog.
14. What’s The Kiddie Roth? Sounds new, right? Read the Joe Taxpayer blog to find out more about it.
15. Most Canadians can afford retirement, but can you afford retirement care? Most forget to plan for long-term care. The Canadian Finance blog tells us why we should not just plan for retirement, but for retirement care as well.

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  1. Comment by Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog — August 7, 2010 @ 11:35 pm

    Thanks for the mention Mike!

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