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Green Panda; What is Cool Around the Web This Week

By: Mike | Date posted: April 23, 2010 (5:00 am) | Write a Comment (2 Comments)

Green Panda; What is Cool
Around the Web This Week


Every Friday, I’ll pull
out the 15 coolest personal finance article I found on the blogs I read weekly:



How to dramatically increase your job security for life!
@ Financial Samurai



Low interest rate: the good, the bad and the ugly
@ Canadian Personal



Dealing with time management and side income
@ Studenomics



7 ways to ensure you will never pay for the full price again
@ PT Money



Using a real estate broker?
@ Joe TaxPayer (this was part of our Money
Mavens Project:

Should You Take a Realtor to sell your house?)



Avoid bank fees
@ Money Help for Christians



Stop obsessing on your credit score
@ Fiscal Geek



I’m out of work, how can I reduce my mortgage payment
@ The Wealth Pilgrim



Are you looking for answers about money?
@ Enemy of debts



Will you buy an Ipad?
@ The Digerati Life



What’s the value of active management?
@ The obvious investor



Home loans; the good, the so-so and the stupid
@ Money under 30



How to get a mortgage when you are self employed
@ Money Crashers



So I’m glad we don’t have a car payment
@ Finance for a Freelance Life



Quit dreaming and start planning
@ Frugal Dad

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  1. Comment by MD @ Studenomics — April 23, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

    Thanks for linking to me. Have a great weekend!

  2. Comment by Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog — April 24, 2010 @ 1:31 am

    Thanks for the mention!

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