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Weekly Round Up: Blogger Support

By: Green Panda | Date posted: August 23, 2009 (11:03 am) | Write a Comment (0 Comments)

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Recent Popular Posts at Five Cent Nickel

I’m still writing weekly on Five Cent Nickel and I’m loving it. I get to cover some different topics than what I write about here. Lately my posts have been on the topics of buying a home and managing finances in this reccession. These particular posts have a fantastic amount of tips in the comments and if you’re interested in any of the topics, you should check them out:

Best Financial Posts This Week

This week I wanted to share a bit more on my favorite posts and my thoughts on some wonderful bloggers. If you haven’t read these blogs before please check them out. I’m sure you’ll subscribe to them or following them on Twitter.  These bloggers have putting out some really great posts that we’ve personally used.

@My Two Dollars thinks about a benefit of the recession lasts a bit longer. While I hope it doesn’t last longer, I do wish people use this as a learning experience and try to keep some of the frugality and simple living  they may have tried now to make ends meet. Living frugally is not deprivation, it’s reducing unnecessary things and spending time and money on what’s important to you.

Speaking of what’s important, @ManvsDebt had a beautiful post on enjoying and appreciating the priceless moments. Being at my brother in law’s and friend’s wedding was a great moment for us.

Cash for Clunkers was a very popular program, but some personal finance bloggers, like myself, didn’t take advantage of it. @Frugaldad explains how he ran the numbers and decided to keep his clunker. For us, our cars aren’t clunkers and they are running just fine, so there was no reason to get into the program. Rember, before making ANY big pictures, check your numbers.

If you’re planning a trip soon (we’re going out of town next month), you should really read How to get vacation-ready. @CentsibleLife had a lot of great tips if you’re looking to stretch your dollar further.

Declutter a lot of your mail by reading @Cashmoneylife‘s tips on stopping that junk mail. i quickly scan our junk mail for coupons we will use and trash the rest.

Since many of you are college students and you’re looking to save some money, @moolanomy shows you how to save money with textbooks.

@Weakonomist tackles the question, What Kind of Saver are You? It’s a great read. thinking about it a bit, I think I’m a sweeper. What kind of saver are you?

Looking at getting a financial advisor? @NealFrankle has some great posts with his Secrets Financial Advisers Never Tell Series. Be ready and willing to ask tough questions to your potential financial advisor.

@fcn has a ton of great posts and I liked my blogging buddy @mattjab‘s guest post on How to Deal With a Bad Deal

I found this to be an interesting story from @suburbanDollar on Confessions of an Ex-Debt Collector. I had no idea how the other side of debt collection works.

Have a great weekend!

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